America trip continued

Must be the busiest place on earth! Times Square. Everyone is a tourist, apart from the street vendors. You are literally rubbing shoulders with everyone from around the world. Traffic is grid-locked, impatient, with taxi and Uber drivers continually pressing their horns. Madness.


roy munday artist, new york, times square
Myself and Yelena, Times Square, New York


artist roy munday in times square, new york, with son andrew
Andrew, posing for the world to impress his 'freestyler' football fans.

From the top of the Rockefeller building, on a hot blistering afternoon.

artist roy munday at the metropolitan art gallery, new york
The only saving grace for me in New York, the wonderful galleries. This is in the Metropolitan

roymunday, artist, in front of a claude monet paintings, waterlillies, metropolitan museum, new york
Before a Monet painting.
  Another fantastic painting. One of Claude Monte's painting of the water lilies.    

If staying for any period of time in New York, and intend visiting a few tourist sites, such as the art galleries, museums and other tourist attractions, do pay in advance and buy 'vouchers' which you present at the entrance. This way you spend less. Paying at the entrance is quite expensive, with the Metropolitan being $24.

Finding somewhere to eat: plenty of fast food outlets! Not the most health food.

Warning be aware that when you get your bill in a restaurant or café, it will have added to it a 'service charge' which can be something like 20%, plus gratuities (a tip) of another 10 or 15%!

rules differ in different states. In Florida, the tip wasn't included in the bill, but the waitress asked 'do you want to leave a tip?' When we said 'No', her happy demeanour changed dramatically and she flounced off from the table.


roy munday, artist, looking at a dagas painting, new york metropolitan museum
Looking at a Degas painting
One of Degas most famous paintings, a study of young ballerinas. There is no substitute for seeing the paintings, or any painting, in the flesh. It's only when close to the genuine painting you can really appreciate it.

One of Mark Rothko's paintings. A good example of an artist who turned to abstraction. Sadly his career ended tragically.
roy munday, artist, in front of a Jackson Pollock painting, new york
Another piece by an iconic artist, Jackson Pollock. Yes, changed the history of art, starting in the late 1940's with Abstract Expressionism

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