My most recent paintings

watercolour painting, paintings for sale, original art, near me,,Bicycles, Piccadilly gardens, Manchester. Watercolour.
Bicycles, Piccadilly gardens, Manchester. Watercolour.

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oil painting, old coffee house, frampton on severn, gloucestershire, paintings for sale, from artists
A recent oil painting of the Old Coffee House, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire.

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Girls night out, Liverpool

girls night out, liverpool, original paintings to buy, Liverpool, buy paintings from artist, original art works, to buy, near me,
Girls' Night Out, Liverpool. I'm fascinated by how girls, in the depth of winter, put fashion before sensible dress! Middle of winter!

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Commissioned paintings.

commission a painting, commission an artist, buy paintings, original art, Liverpool, paintings of Liverpool, art classes, near me,
Liverpool Waterfront. This is an example of a commissioned painting. I can work to your specific requirements. Initially, just contact me with any idea you have for a commissioned painting, and I will take it from there, keeping you informed of its progress until you're happy.

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The Bell Inn, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, commissioned painting, my house, watercolour paintings, commission a, painting, Gloucestershire,
Watercolour. The Bell Inn, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire


Sunset, Liver Buildings, Liverpool

Liverpool waterfront, painting, river Merseyside, Liver buildings, buy painting, of Liverpool, original art to buy
Sunset, Liver buildings, Liverpool. Watercolour of this iconic waterfront. Painting based on an old photograph of this area, near the Albert Dock, Liverpool.

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About myself...

roy munday, artist, art teacher, merseyside, sefton and southport. beginners art classes on merseyside.
Artist, Roy Munday

I am a full-time artist based in Merseyside UK, producing paintings and drawing in several mediums, mostly oils and watercolours, though I enjoy pen and ink, drawing with charcoal. Combined with my studio work, based in Southport, Merseyside, I teach one of the biggest art groups in the northwest of England, the Sefton Art Group. This group enjoy weekly classes, plus Saturday classes and includes life-drawing, ideal for complete beginners as well as those who are seeking to improve.

Members are encouraged to exhibit their work and we have several exhibitions each year, several at the Wayfarers arcade on Lord street, Southport.

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roy munday, art tutor, liverpool, southport, merseyside, online art classes,
As well as weekly art classes, I now offer online art classes, via zoom. These are proving popular. Contact me for further details.


I have now started to deliver art classes online, via zoom. These are proving very popular as it allows people to learn art from the comfort of their own homes. Zoom is easy to learn and I will guide you through using it if you require.

if interested in learning more, just contact me.

Weekly art class...

art classes, formby, southport, liverpool, merseysideI run a number of weekly and Saturday classes throughout Sefton, including Southport, Hightown, Lydiate and Liverpool. These classes are ideal for absolute beginners and those artists seeking to improve.

Classes are structured to teach from the very basics, starting with the drawing practice. Yes, everyone can learn to draw, you just need to be taught how to draw correctly and in proportion.



All day Saturday class, once a month

roy munday, art classes, merseyside, beginners art classes, southport, liverpool
A still-life

This class, one Saturday each month (second Saturday), is ideal for people who work through the week and cannot make a weekly class.

This class is ideal for anyone who cannot make a weekly class. It follows the same structured course. Times are 10am till 3.30pm

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Life drawing classes.

beginners life drawing class, drawing done in charcoal of female model, liverpool
A charcoal drawing, done in the Liverpool life class when at John Moores university

Life drawing classes are held at both Lydiate and Liverpool.

Just put in text for the moment about my art classes Just put in text for the moment about my art classes

Just put in text for the moment about my art classes Just put in text for the moment about my art classes Just put in text for the moment about my art classes Just put in text for the moment about my art classes

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Youtube videos, art tutorials

My trip to the USA.

My trip to the United States, 2018

Though on a high scheduled trip to the United States, I was determined to take in important pieces of art. Visited the Metropolitan art gallery, Museum of Modern Art and later the National Art Gallery, Washington DC. Here you see some of the finest paintings ever produced; though the museum        offers much more. To get the most of this visit, you'd need to spend a few days. But I did find looking at various iconic paintings an inspiration.

roy munday, artist, liverpool, trip to new york, jackson pollock's painting
Myself in front of Jackson Pollock's painting at the metropolitan gallery, New York.

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My trip to Russia, 2019

My painting trip to Russia, 2019

It had been 9 years since my previous visit to Russia, and Moscow and its surrounding region. On the surface, many things have changed. More shops, though mostly foreign brands and run. Plenty of food shops! No long queues for the bare essentials. But the art alone is worth a visit. I was lucky on my trip that a large exhibition by the pre-revolutionary art collector Sergei Shchukin (1854 - 1936). In fact virtually the whole Shchukin family were collectors of art. Sergei bought important pieces from artists such as Henri Matisse, Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Vincent Van Gogh and many of the up and coming artists of that era, early 1900, though they were still largely unknown at that time.

ilya repin's painting. very big scale, pushkin museum. visited by artist roy munday, southport, merseyside, liverpool, art classes for beginners
Like many things in Russia, things, including paintings, can be on very big scale! This is a painting by Iley Repin.

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