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Please note: the majority of paintings contained on this site are of nudes and semi-nudes. Whilst there is nothing contained within the site that a visiter to a public art gallery wouldn't see, if you're offended by images of nudity, please move on. You can see my other work on my other website by clicking here

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below, one of my paintings painting of a naked woman and man in a room

I am an artist and art teacher. My paintings are mostly nudes and figurative work and portraiture. Working directly from the nude model has always fascinated me as it allows an artist so much interpretation. Nudes and nudity have a long tradition in art.
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portrait of the artist, roy mundayI have been teaching life-drawing from the nude for a number of years, from a variety of models, both female and male. To me nudity is no stranger, it’s what I like to paint – Though I’ve probably painted more non-nude subjects in reality... please click to see these... However, working from the nude model is probably the best way to learn to draw and paint. Not everyone understands this, especially people with no interest in painting – Even artists will shy away from depicting the nude, not always because they lack the competence, but because of what I term the “Culture issue”. Nudity in Western eyes mostly relates to “sex”, “sexuality”. Manufactures use the seductive imagery of nudity to sell a variety of products, from cars, magazines, toothpaste, furniture – yes, you get the idea, probably everything. Yet, for most of Western civilisation the nude has been seen differently, it’s only in the past 200 years that a shift has taken place (with the exception of pornography. In one form or another this has been around since cave painting). Despite the above, depiction of the nude - drawing or painting - often has to be strongly defended against a minority of people who regard the painted nude with either prim revulsion or lecherous leers. And yet we see nudity all around us, usually used to sexualise a situation. For example, I was recently in a high street shop that sells perfume. All the various branded items used the image of a highly sexualised woman being seduced by a male – And this in a very public space. One image showed a nude woman, full frontal from waist up, with a naked male embracing her from behind, his hands cupped around her breast. But, because it was associated with a branded perfume, I doubt whether people even registered the blatant sexual overtones. Yet, a painting of the same image, in a gallery, would probably elicit some public outrage – Not least from the feminist movement and complain about the dominance of the male over the female. ...Read more on the history of nude art from Greek times to the present.

Below. Just some of the figurative artists I admire.

self-portrait by lucian freudLEFT. Self-portrait, Lucian Freud, probably the best living artist who paints nudes and the naked figure. Born in Berlin in 1922, Freud is now well into his eighties, yet still painting the nude and portraits. I regard him as one of the greatest living figures when it comes to depicting the human form. One should see his paintings of the late Leigh Bowery and the way the artist uses paint, one can see the texture, the subtle shift of both tone and colour.

painting of a nude womanThis painting is a wonderful example of how Freud paints his nudes. Painted 1994. In this painting, the model is Sue Tilley, who worked as a benefits officer for Social Security. One can see how well Freud deals with the problem of “fore-shortening” with regard to the knee closes to the viewer. It also the way he deals with the weight of the model, and how he’s used this to produce a painting that transcends the way society views obesity.

painting of lucian freud

This painting is of lucian freud, self-portrait. Painted 1993. In some ways this is a courageous painting – depicting one’s self in the nude – and few artists have done this. Another artist, the late Cyril Mann, came close to it. This artist is also worth looking at. A very much-underrated artist but one who worked with both honesty and integrity. Much of his work is London based, where he lived in a council flat. Find out more about Cyril Mann's paintings by clicking here Freud’s painting dates from 1993 and was done in his London studio. Read more on Lucian freud's nudes

Titian's painting of the Venus of Urbino.

Titian’s “Venus of Urbino” painted 1538. Obviously the approach to painting the nude in Renascence times was different to the one that exists today. Just the observation of the hand carefully covering the virginal is an example how the nude was perceived at this time. And when one realizes that this painting was intended as a marriage picture, and the painting is full of symbols that aren’t so readily recognised today. For example, in her hand a bunch of roses, while in the background can be seen a myrtle plant – both symbols to mean “marital affection” to read more on Titian's nude paintings

caravaggio's painting of the flagellation of Christ

Caravaggio’s “The Flagellation of Christ” c1607-1910. Almost photographic, this painting demonstrates painterly skills that have largely been forgotten and I doubt whether the world will ever see them resurrected. Here, Caravaggio, demonstrates not only his skill in drawing and painting the human form but also in the theatrical lighting, even if it is somewhat harsh. But the power displayed in Caravaggio’s paintings is seldom equalled.

manet's painting of luncheon on the grass

Edouard Manet’s “Luncheon on the Grass” 1863. Manet was in important painter and, together with the Impressionist, changed art. The modern art we see today really springs from the Impressionist period. Yet even Manet, in this painting, readily admits to this painting being based on works by an earlier painter, Raphael. Critics of the time thought the painting scandalous, especially the way the naked woman stares out at the viewer, without any embarrassment, nor is it clear as to the relationship between the people. There’s an ambivalence as to what is happening here.

manet's painting of olympia, nude woman on a bed

Another of Manet’s paintings: “Olympia”, also painted 1863. This painting also caused outrage in Paris when it was first shown and the gallery had to be closed because of the outcry. What it shows is a contemporary nude scene of a naked woman and her black servant. In this painting there was no mistaking this naked woman as a prostitute, and again she stares out at the viewer without embarrassment. ...Read more on Manet's nude paintings

Renoir's painting of nude in a landscape

Renoir's painting Nude in a Landscape, painted 1883. Renoir was one of the Impressionist and was painting at the same time as Manet. Renoir also exicuted many nudes. A master of colour, Renoir's work is full of sumptious skin tones, his models rather on the big side. Though it must be pointed out that he didn't hold women in high esteem, and the following quote is one of several that reveal his attitude towards women,..."I like women best when they don't know how to read"....

Renoir's painting of nude, titled: arranging her hairRenoir's painting Arranging her Hair, painted 1893 Another one of Renoir's many nudes. His nudes were clearly more restrained than those of Manet, and are often in what could be termed the "Classical" tradation... click here to read more on Renoir's nude paintings.

walter sickert's painting of a nudeWalter Sickert's painting of a nude. This painting, by Walter Sickert, painted in 1906, is very different to Renoir's nudes. Sickert painted in mostly sombre colours, but was still a great painter. During his life-time he was seen at one of Britain's foremost painters. Most of his nudes were of women seen in very auster settings, such as dingy bedrooms, sometimes with a man present. Often it leads to an ambiguity as the viewer is never quite sure what the relationship is between the two people in the picture

walter sickert's painting of a nudeWalter Sickert's painting of a nude. This painting, again by Walter Sickert, painted in 1906, is said to be of a prostitute, (though it's doubted that the model was an actual prostitute) and believed to be based on a book novel by Balzac, titled: Gobseck. The term for a prostitute at that time was The Dutch Girl. As in the picture above, the woman is set in a very dimly-lit room, and in a similar pose.

walter sickert's painting of a nudeAnother of Sickert's paintings of a nude, titled "Prussians in Belgium. Painted in 1914, this is an example of the ambiguity of two people in a bedroom, and again we are struggling to make out the relationship between these two people. It's suggested that this painting, and others, are based on the Camden Town murders of 1888 (murders committed by the so-called "Jack the Ripper". Indeed, there has been a suggestion that Sickert himself was Jack the Ripper - but there is no serious evidence to support this.... click here to read more on Walter Sickert's paintings.

John Singer Segent's painting of a nude male, ParisJohn Singer Sargent, (1856-1925. The painting left, titled A male model standing before a stove, c, late 1870's was painted during his early years when training in Paris. Born in Florence to a rich American couple he showed an early interest in art, partly spurred on by his culturaly minded parents. He studied in Paris under a very academic artist, Emile Carolus-Duran, under whom he showed much talent. By the late 1880's he'd begun a steady climb to artistic success and fame and would come to dominate the portrait scene, painting many of the world's most prominant people, including an American president. Incidentaly, he was also a friend of Walter Sickert through their involvement with the New English Art Club founded in 1886. This club was set-up in London to separate the English painters from what was happening in Paris at that time - a place where all the revolutionary art was taking place. Sargent had, and still does, many critics, who saw his art as rather slick and an artist who pandered to the egotistical needs of the sitters, who were the modern equivalent to Celebs' who jet around the world and who desperately need to be in the public eye.... click here to read more on John Singer Sargent.

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The nude in art has a long history, dating back to Renaissance times. Personally, I find the nude form in contemporary art exciting as often I find it the main focus of artistic creativity. Rubens’ female nudes took on fresh meaning in art as he painted women in glorious flesh tones. As a long practionare of drawing and painting from the naked form, I’m always urging students that working directly from the naked figure will very quickly improve their drawing and artistic skills. Often, particularly in the 19th century, people found the idea of the nude offensive. One only has to read the reactions to Edouard Manet’s painting of nude women in contemporary situations in his painting Olympia (1863 and 1865; both Musée d'Orsay, Paris). Yet even today people can feel uncomfortable when confronted by the naked form in art.
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