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oil portrait nude study of Ursula, from life

by Roy Munday
nude study of Ursula from life
I often work from nude models
as it offers an artist so much scope.
The shapes, curves, softness of line and the colours
of flesh tones.

size: 32 x 36 inches.
price: £560 sterling, unframed
nude oil painting on canvas.

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The nude in art has a long history, dating back to Renaissance times. Personally, I find the nude form in contemporary art exciting as often I find it the main focus of artistic creativity. Rubensí female nudes took on fresh meaning in art as he painted women in glorious flesh tones. As a long practionare of drawing and painting from the naked form, Iím always urging students that working directly from the naked figure will very quickly improve their drawing and artistic skills. Often, particularly in the 19th century, people found the idea of the nude offensive. One only has to read the reactions to Edouard Manetís painting of nude women in contemporary situations in his painting Olympia (1863 and 1865; both Musťe d'Orsay, Paris). Yet even today people can feel uncomfortable when confronted by the naked form in art.

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