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group of merseyside and southport artists, on art courseEnrollment of new classes start soon. If interested, contact me early as not all classes have vacancies as they remain full.
I run a number of art classes, both private and for Sefton Council. I've been doing art courses for a number of years and the combined groups have now grown into a very lively art group where people come together to not only learn about doing art, but also as a social activity. We are known as The Sefton Art Group.
There are no pressures put on people in any of my classes - No certificates to achieve and which take away much of the fun from art and are worthless to most people. At the same time my art courses are structured according to the needs of each person. As with any group of people, you will find different needs and different abilities. Some people may have done art at school, then nothing for many years, but have a long desire to do it - And that's all that's needed. I can teach you the basics, starting from the beginning, learning how to draw up your subject, then on to tonal work, using charcoal. Then you move on to using paint, again, starting with the basics. A few weeks later you will start to learn about colour theory. Once you reach this stage, then you can start to think about working more independantly, but with me still offering help and tuition and you can continue learning through the year.

...also life drawing classes, working directly from the model, please scroll down for more information....

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Above, members on a recent visit to the Tate, Liverpool. We often visit exhibitions so you can broaden your artistic horizons and find new ideas and inspiration.

Left: Irene, a keen watercolourist, at work.


I run art courses for adults in several locations on Merseyside. I also give private tuition on a one-to-one basis. No matter what your experience, I can help you learn how to draw and paint. If you join one of my art classes, you will be with like-minded people and you will learn from them as well. I also arrange art events, like visits to the Walker art gallery and the Tate in Liverpool.

LIFE-DRAWING CLASSES (28 for the whole day)
Also a Tuesday evening & afternoon in Liverpool at the Bluecoat

I now run an all day life-drawing class, for both beginners and those more advanced. It takes place on a Saturday, starting at 10am till 4pm. The first Saturday of each month.
Life-drawing, working directly from the nude figure, is the key to learing to draw and paint accurately. It teaches you to observe and to create accurate drawings and paintings. Please contact me for further details. Also, a new class is held at the Bluecoat in Central Liverpool. Each Tuesday evening, plus one Tuesday afternoon a month. Please contact me for further details on this class. female nude, life-drawing class

                                                                                            Right, One of my paintings:
                                                                     "working from the life model".
Sunset at the Liver Buildings, Liverpool

                                   left, One of my paintings:
"Sunset at the Liver Buildings, Liverpool".

Twice a year, we organise an art exhibition. This provides an imputous to members to prepare work which they can exhibit and hopefully sell. Apart from enjoying the feeling of having their work exhibited before the public, it provides an opportunity to see their work in the contex of an exhibition. Plus, members enjoy the social event as well.

                                                                                One of our exhibitions:                                                                         

We have two exhibitions. One in early May, over the bank holiday weekend and one at Christmas. An opportunity for members to exhibit and to sell. For most members, the exhibitions have provided them with their first ever sale of their work.(below) Some of the members
from the art group

If you think that joining a class might be a bit intimidating, don't let that put you off. Remember, everyone in the class have the same interest as yourself, plus they also felt the same. Besides, people join at different times, and they soon settle in. However, what I advise potential members is ..."Why not come along to a class, talk to members and see what they are doing?".... Then go away and make your mind up? There's no obligation. by coming along you can meet and talk to other artists about the art course.
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